I love a good fireworks show. For some autistic kids fireworks shows in the physical world can be hard because of the noise, the crowds, or even the time of day. Autcraft has solved this problem by having in-world fireworks shows!

Not only can you see big fireworks events on the major holidays, but kids put on fireworks shows of their own. Here are some of the photos I took when a player decided to put a show on for everyone who happened to be online.

Waiting for the show to begin.
Several minecraft avatars walking in a big white room.

Around the edges of photo are the tops of white buildings and a gold firework exploding in the black sky in the middle.

White building tops and a golden firework explosion.

Tops of white buildings and red and gold fireworks exploding in a cluster.

Everyone is watching the show.
A group of minecraft avatars looking upwards.

Kate Ringland

I am currently a Ph.D. Candidate in Informatics at University of California, Irvine. I am interested in looking at the collaborative play, embodiment, and ways to design accessible technology.

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