Sign in front of crops that reads, "please be kind and replant crops"

There are lots of signs all over Autcraft. This is one of many ways community members communicate. This one is especially good for asynchronous, more permanent messaging.

Signs communicate ownership.

A sign next to a door that reads, "please don't grief this thank you"

Signs give hints about a build.

A sign in front of a still pool that reads, "make a wish". Background is desert.

Signs give direction.

Two signs on a white column. The top sign reads "Looking for Worlds to build in?" and the bottom reads "Follow the Blue Line."

Signs help leave anonymous notes.

pen full of brightly colored sheep but someone has added a sign reading "this is really cruel." There are chests to the left that say "Public Wool"

Signs show you the rules.

Sign on a wall in front a large pond in a red desert reads, "built this, the killing of horses is major, it would be nice to get the b day player something, have fun and tell your friends"

Signs welcome you to the community.

White roads and buildings with a "welcome" sign in blue letters in the sky.

Kate Ringland

I am currently a Ph.D. Candidate in Informatics at University of California, Irvine. I am interested in looking at the collaborative play, embodiment, and ways to design accessible technology.
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